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The IIBU MBA Degree

A Unique Masters Degree in Business Consulting

Foreword — by the IIBU President.

The International Independent Business University offers a unique Master Level Program in Business Consulting. The Program’s unique focus on addressing the practical issues facing independent businesses, using the “Generalist/Specialist Model” central to the IIB’s approach to consulting, clearly differentiates the traditional Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from the Master of Business Arts (MBA) degree, known also as the MBArts degree.

For over 20 years, the Institute for Independent Business (IIB), a UK based training and accreditation institution of higher education, through its Consultancy Business Development Program (CBDP) has prepared executive level business professionals as independent business advisors to develop and empower entrepreneurial enterprises. The success that these IIB Accredited Associates have had in developing their consultancy practices has led to a partnership with IIBU to extend the model of preparing

By way of partnership between the Institute and the IIB University, the success enjoyed by the CBDP graduates using the IIB proven methodology has now been taken to the next level—a Master’s degree to provide that extra kudos and consultancy skills for business professionals to start and run their own independent consultancies. The “Generalist/Specialist Model” central to the IIB’s methodology of consulting is founded on the recognition that independent businesses need the long-term guidance of a business “Generalist” who must know how to engage short-term “Specialists” to address specific issues clients face from time to time.

Today, more than ever, and even in the good times, independent businesses are vital to economic growth throughout the world. Despite this growing importance and despite this growing need, experienced advisors fully capable of supporting all the needs of independent businesses, are difficult to find —

firstly, because experienced business professionals usually have skills in only a single area of business but independent businesses need help across a wide range of business issues;
and, secondly, because traditional training programs — even at the top level in the highly revered Master of Business Administration — focus on theoretical business concepts ignoring the crucial fact that independent businesses need practical advice that works and solutions that directly impact their very specific business problems.
But now the IIBU MBA, the Master of Business Arts, uniquely addresses the full range of business problems that can and do impact an independent business — and does so in a practical, non-theoretical way by teaching practical advice that works:—
HOW TO analyze independent business as a “Generalist”; and when and how to use appropriate “Specialists” from the exclusive IIB Alumni of accredited business advisors.

All candidates who apply for acceptance into the MBArts degree program must already be accredited Associates of the Institute OR are seeking that accreditation through enrollment in the Institute’s 12 month Consultancy Business Development Program during which time they will set up their own independent professional consultancy practice and begin enjoying success by meeting the requirements of the IIB Minimum Income Guarantee (variable by country, $105,000 in the USA). In this way applicants for the MBArts degree are already actively engaged as independent business consultants using the Institute’s proven “practical advice that works” methodology — How to find clients; How to analyze as a Generalist; How to solve as a Specialist; How to keep the client long-term; How to get paid in advance, etc.

The Master of Business Arts study program, through “teaching practical advice that works”, will fully develop the advisory skills of an IIB Associate. The student:

learns the art of “Generalist” skills in 63 business advisory topics (modules);
learns the art of selecting the correct “Specialist” skills in each of the 63 modules;
and learns the art of applying these skills to establish and run his/her own successful independent business consultancy practice.

The uniqueness of this Master’s Program is characterized by:

These are the unique characteristics that differentiate the IIB University Master’s graduate program from any other Master level Business Program which therefore earns the IIIBU MBA the distinction of being designated as the first MBArts Program offered anywhere in the world — bringing kudos and success to the graduate consultant because of the incomparable benefits delivered to the client.

But why the new MBA—“Master of Business Arts”? Why not just another MBA? Simply because of the definition of “art” — “a skill at doing a specified thing, typically one acquired through practice.” Research certainly shows that, globally, the huge majority of small to medium sized independent businesses are operated by owners who, by practice, not by training, have acquired the skills of running their businesses “through practice”. Certainly Business is an art. And IIBU graduates are certainly Masters of Business Arts.


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